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Weapon doubling
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  1. Right now I am fully equipped. I got a Mosin on my back and a M4 in my hand. Generally I think it is very nice that u keep the weapon u got in ur hand when u logg off. U guys should keep that. But as soon as I logg off the Weapon in my hand drops to the ground and somebody can pick it up. So it is doubled. This happens erverytime. I can equip a whole Division with M4's ;) Please change that, but please let us keep the stuff in our hands.

Just some other thoughts:

  1. There should really be nightvisiongoggles (Maybe a Version u have to use with ur hands that spawns often and a version that u can put on ur head thats rare)! Cause right now only very few people play on nightservers and the guys playing on those servers change their graphics to be able to see anything and I dont want to do stuff like that.
  1. As soon there are nightvisiondevices u really should change the timesystem. Time should move on faster (Maybe 10-15 times realtime). In that case it makes no scence to change the server if it gets night.
  1. I'd love to have camopaint for my face :D


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  1. Have a weapon on ur back and in ur hands . Logg off. Friend picks up weapon. Relogg. Both have the weapon u had in ur hands.
  1. Look at the empty nightservers.
  1. "
  1. Paint ur face with shoepolish and look at a mirror :D

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Confirmed. Friend had an M4 with ACOG and other attachments. He broke his legs and when logged the rifle stayed on the ground after his character disappeared. I picked up the dupe and began using it and when he later logged back in to a different server he still had the original.

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We are aware of this issue, please refer to: #0008153 for further informations and development.

And don't worry, we are working on enhancing the experience of playing on nightservers. Please be patient.

Thank you for your feedback.