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Multiple Game Save Malfunction?
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Im currently experiencing a problem where it seems I have more than one character save, it seems to happen completely randomly but will switch backwards and forth between two different characters. Not checked if this has been reported by anyone else but its now consistently happening to me.



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Neither characters have died/fallen unconscious, it seems to switch between them entirely at random every few times I play.

I have also tried changing server / backing out and back into the same server, and it seems to have made no difference.

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perhaps you have to delete the profil folder dayz/ in "mydocuments"
an all files which are inside

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Are you always playing on the save hive? You have one character for Regular and one character for Hardcore.

You also get another separate character for playing experimental builds.

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Yes only play regular. I will check the experimental and see if this solves my problem. Thanks!

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I play on experimental, and i have a similar problem. I had one character, which broke its legs. I left the game, when i rejoined, i had a new character. I thought the first one had died in the meantime, so i didn't wonder.
I played two or three sessions with the second, when at one point, i started with the first again. I killed him by jumping of a cliff, but i only got a new character, i never saw the second one again (except sometimes on the start screen, but never in game)