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Random loot "hot zones" to avoid map repetition
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As it stands currently, playing DayZ typically ends up with similar scenarios in the same locations, time after time. This is especially noticeable when watching DayZ videos and streams. Chernarus is a large map, but since high value loot is concentrated in the same places all the time, huge areas of the map are never appreciated, and never used for firefights and maneuvering.

Here is an example that illustrates it fairly well:

One way to help alleviate this problem would be for certain towns or zones of the map to randomly become "hot zones" with a higher loot concentration than normal. These areas could be revealed through in-game notes or maps that players can find and read.

These zones could vary by server, or they could be hive-wide. It would be cool if, for a few hours or days, the whole DayZ community had extra focus on a certain town or two (or castles, or other non-town spots) that are typically neglected. This would provide welcome variety to the gameplay.


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