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Idea: Servers use real-world wx reports
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It would be cool if servers could use real-world weather station reports and set the in-game weather to match. This would give a more realistic simulation of type and frequency of weather conditions.

If each server could choose its own real-world weather station, people could play on servers that use their local weather, and when it's raining outside, it'd be raining in DayZ too.

With the numerous online sources for weather reports, it seems like it would be fairly straightforward. Flight sims have been using real-world METAR reports for like 15 years now.


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Play 1: location russland - cludy weather 15°
Player2: location America - Sunny weather 30°

how should both play on the same server?

close this ticket this is not a sugesstion forum....

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Suggest you work on your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. The idea is for weather to vary by server, not by player. The point is not for every player to always have in-game weather matching the view out his window--the point is to have realistic variety, and the opportunity for players to choose servers that have weather closer to that of their real location.

Who says this isn't a sugesstion[sic] forum? You? Then I guess you'd better get started on finding every suggestion ticket and closing it, because you've got a lot of work ahead of you: there are 7200 tickets.

Or how about: "close quantum2k6's account this IS a sugesstion forum...." Seriously, man, why are you here? Do you get off on telling random people on the Internet that their ideas are bad? You don't even speak English well enough to understand the stuff you're criticizing.

Bug reporting:

Suggestion Forum:

All suggestion tickets here should be closed and the accounts shoould be deletet ... but i bet u still dont get it huh?

ohh and my english is fine... at least its good enough for you... -> Search: -> "suggestion" -> Apply Filter: 142 results -> Search: -> "idea" -> Apply Filter: 267 results

When did BIS hire you to police their FEEDBACK tracker?

Accounts should be deleted? LOL what are you on dude? If anyone's account should be deleted, it's yours for posting inane stuff like this. Please go away until you have something to contribute.

ok go and spam more suggestions and more cool 1337 ideas... and make this great tool for REPORTING ISSUES useless...

whats the next good suggestion? maybe "reports" of "the ultimate how to prevent KOS"?!

damn u are right... i agree... we still cant fart, pee, poo or fuck... damn everyone should open a report and suggest this great ideas direct to the admins.... because they dont read the OFFICIAL FORUM... for sure...

good night ;)

Edit: we need vehicles... dont forgett to open at least 3 reports to show how important this very very new and cool idea is!

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I don't know what your problem is, or why you picked my idea to wail on, but you need to chill out. This is a FEEDBACK tracker. It's for FEEDBACK. Not just bugs. Maybe you need to go shoot some fresh spawns to relieve some stress. In the meantime, mind your own business. If Rocket has a problem with posting FEEDBACK in the FEEDBACK TRACKER, he can delete my account himself.

@Junos, of course this is a FEEDBACK TRACKER, but you need to realize the difference between a <i>Feedback Tracker</i> and a <i>Forum</i>.

The feedback primarily consists of bugs and <b>feedback on stuff which is already in the game</b> like food/drink rates, speeds, night, misplaced buildings, annoying things (like too slow animations) etc.

What you posted here is neither a bug, nor feedback on something existant. It's a suggestion of something completely new. But for suggestions, ideas and general discussions, please post in the forums:

Also, before suggesting new features there, please read this:

Thank you.