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Was able to see my environnement as i was unconcious
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I fell inconcious (see ).

When my friend was next to me and told me that i looked awake, i checked the menu via "escape" key.

I had the option "respawn" enabled, so the game considered me as inconcious.

I noticed that my background was not totally black as in the "you are inconcious" screen. It was almost black but I was able to see my friend movement when passing in front of me and some environnement details.

And as I was able to move and walk while in "uncoucious" screen, I could check my environnement time to time by hitting escape key.


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Steps To Reproduce

Go unconcious.

Wait some time that should make you awake.

Hit "escape" key.

Notice that you are able to see some of your environement.

Additional Information

I didn't think of trying to play with alpha/luminosity settings...

Not sure about game version. It was stable branch the 12 february 2014 at 10PM GMT.

Used "sometimes" reproductibility as I didn't try to reproduce.

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I confirm this, my friend was unconcious after a while
perhaps he pressed esc, he was able to see to sky or clouds.