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Flashlight on pistol is LETHAL
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When playing right after the recent update, i was on a completely empty server and the game was running phenomenally well for me which was new and very appreciated, i was able to make it to the Bolota Airfield AT tower, at which point i found a pistol flashlight on a shelf, so i went into my inventory, and attempted to attach the flashlight to the FNX45 that i had. When the message, "you are dead." appeared on my screen, i thought i had been sniped but no, upon checking i was still alone on the sever. Please fix this, it is understandably, VERY upsetting seeing as i had just climbed the ladder that is DayZ. Love the work you are doing and please keep it up! Good luck guys!


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This same thing happened to me after picking up an m4 rifle in the school house at elektro.

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I think this bug is a duplicate with #8044