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Game stopped responding and re spawned me
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I was playing about 30 min ago and the game stopped responding for me and 3 other friends at the same time. I had no chose but to alt tab delete and close the game down. I logged back into the server and i have lost everything and re spawned. The rest of my friends are fine. We own the server and i have checked the server logs and there is no record of it being a issue at there end so it must be down to your hub.

Name in game is [TWZ]Despise and was lost about 23:30 GMT on 12/02/14

Are you able to return him as i have been alive for weeks and fully kitted. Starting again is off putting as im sure you understand.



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Attempted to join a different servers and was just re spawned into different places each time

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Would love for you to locate my missing player on your hub.

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Also to add to this. It has happened before in the exact same issue with game not responding and then re spawning

I now keep re spawning in a loop even if i attempt to move and then log out i re spawn again

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Same for me. I was respawned and my friend not.

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