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cant Fill water bottles when 2 or more on character
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basically you cant fill a water bottle up when u have 2 of more on your character seem to always select the same bottle every time so cant fill up the second bottle,

also cant fill bottles from water only from  water pump


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have 2 plastic water bottles on your character and try filing them both up

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You have to have the bottle you want filled up in your hand, then switch to the other bottle in your hand. Not really a bug, seems pretty realistic to me.

Just right click on the respective bottle and say "Take into hands".

If you want to go by action bar, the bottle you want to fill has to be more left or upper in your inventory, because the engine allways picks the <i><b>first</b></i> one in your inventory.

For instance, if you've got one bottle in your pants and the second one in your backpack, the action button will <i>allways</i> take that one in your pants, because in your inventory, the pants are <i>higher</i> than your backpack.


Or drop the 1st filled bottle on the ground and pick up after filling the 2nd bottle?

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This has been reported previously at #717

Duplicate of #9 (Hotbar (Using Non specific item)).

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