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Suicide button
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We have all bveen at the point where nothing seems to work to get our character to work again, or maybe we broke our leg in the middle of nowhere.

This is so frustrating at some points, and I think there should be a suicide button implemented (or an "right click" action on all the weapons).


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Code stuff, make a suicide button, kill character.

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You do know that human instinct tells us we want to be alive, right? You wont be in an apocolypse, running around trying to find food, get hungry, and say "meh, I'll just kill myself", or have a broken leg and say "ouchie, that hurts, I think I will just commit suicide now".. No, you'll keep running til you find that can of tuna to still that hunger, and you'll crawl with a broken leg to the end of the world and back, because you want to live...

So, 2 things basically...

  1. If you want to suggest features, please visit the normal forums and go to the suggestions section.
  2. Please don't suggest this any more..anywhere


That is all well and correct irl.. But after all this is your time spent trying to play the game.

So by meaning 'kill' character button or feature it is to help you as an player spare your time waiting for hours to die anyway ;)

Your intention is all good for the real thing, but after all you do want to play the game and not being stuck in nowhere and not having any possibilities to play for the extend of time to let your character die anyway.

Easily implemented as a 'new respawn' perhaps? Then we can get away from the suicide factor that may offend some people :)

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I good Idea

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my problem is that you can get stuck in buildings. without a suicide button you have to wait until you starve or die of thirst.

Nam added a comment.Feb 13 2014, 10:49 PM

@Endee: then there should be a "stuck" option ingame... Press it, you'll be disconnected after 5 minutes ( to avoid abuse / combatlogging ) and you spawn somewhere random again in a 1km radius of where you got stuck...

Whether or not instincts tell people irl to stay alive does not make it always so. There are people who will choose to end their lives (even watch the trailer and you will notice that option is being used when a bunch of Zeds run towards the 'player')suicide option is a choice in life, same as killing randomly. Just because you have the option does not mean you have to use it. That's RL. As for abuse(combat log etc), numerous ways have been mentioned to counter that (respawn elsewhere/timer etc)

As for game mechanics getting stuck inside a room that you have fallen, or pushed into due to a game glitch. Since we are in ALPHA (and if a suicide button is not implemented in full release) simply have a temporary testing phase death button to speed up your restart as a fresh spawn.

Yeah, I've been getting into moments where I really need to spawn somewhere else, because I'm either in the middle of nowhere or there is no loot in the place I spawned. It would be cool if we would have the same character action window like in GTA V, where you can choose what are you doing and after you have chosen the action you want to perform, you must click a specific button to do it, for an example, if you want to commit a suicide, just click the button u have chosen.

If not that, add a special button for respawning which is avaiable for 30 seconds after breaking your leg(s) or respawning after dying or starting a new game.

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0004938: ATM a lot of glitches. We need a Suicide option.

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.