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Fractions of Rags
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After using or crafting some rags (I'm afraid I don't remember which), I ended up with 4.2 rags. After using the same rags to bandage myself, I had 3.2 rags remaining. {F30247}


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I have only seen this issue once and am not really sure how it came about in the first place. At the moment I'm just trying to draw attention to this issue.

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If this is not a bug, I could imagine the amount of rags being dependent on the condition of what they are made of.

Probably you don't get 2 proper rags from a badly damaged T-Shirt, but only 1.6 or something.

Cannot confirm (yet) though, since I'm a "pristinist" ;-)

I have never seen fractions of rags. Nor have I ever noted receiving less than an antire rag from any item, regardless of condition. I have made rags from most anything at some point.

Well, question is, can you use the remaining .2 fraction of the rag to bandage yourself?

If not I would say this is some kind of a glitch in the code :)