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Game not playable
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for me the game is not playable.
i have bugs with spawning in walls, fall down from roofs becouse of my character run through walls, zombies hit me with huge ranges, dont see that i am bleeding.
When i log me in my character is death, and things like that
I am very Sad about this becouse i belived i could play this game in early access, but no!!! its very annoying to ran 4 hours to find a friend and than you die becouse of bugs like that. Its like in other early access games: With every update many other things gone bad! At first remove game destroying bugs before add more weapons or something like that!
I remeber the game war z, they made the same mistakes. Please dont do this like that!


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Please consider the fact that the game is in alpha and numerous bugs do appear. You can help us by reporting issues but it is necessary that you post one at a time with proper information so we can inspect it.

Thank You.

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this bug report isn't helpful.

Yeah and its very difficult to find out what game version is needed for report!