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Player with desyncs can hit other player copies = damage!
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I played at monday with three teammates. I walked with one of them near mogilevka while one friend had some desync like 57000. I run away from his position and a copy of my char stands right behind him. (Invisible for me)

He attacks this copy with his fists and my graphics turned into black and white and i take some damage from his attacks. For me it had looked like he punches into the air.

We tried this bug for about three times and i always got some damage, when he was attacking my char copy.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Need two players
  2. One with high desync

3t Player one stands on the ground while player two with no desync runs a bit away like 50m.

  1. For player one it looks likes, that player two stands near him.
  2. Player one attacks player two.
  3. Player two gets some damage.

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client side hit reg.

makes desync moments strange. but trust me you dont want to snipe at 600m+ with server side hitreg ^^

confirmed happend me two times now...

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Same happened me a couple of times. When a guy try to fist fight with me. He was not even close to me on my screen and he hit me out unconscious. I shoot him 2 times in the head with shotgun before he ko-d me (he not died only bleeding) . In close range fist vs shotgun. Fist wins! Tested 0.45 experimental

That's bullshit.