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Character makes injury sound when logging in after being shot unconscious previously
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A friend of mine got shot in the head recently and he was knocked unconscious. He was lucky enough to survive (I came and saved him) but he was never the same again. When his character logs into the game now he lets out a scream of pain and its not gone away since. None of our characters do this (4 of us) only his. He has yet to die and we have recovered his health and blood back to full but the issue continues. Strange.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get shot in the head
  2. Become unconscious
  3. Live and log into the game
  4. ???
  5. Its really frightening
Additional Information

The sound only happens when he logs into the game and he's recovered all his blood and health back since the incident. You also can hear the scream if you login next to him. Here is a video of him logging in,

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I think you missed the point of this whole post. We had recovered his health and blood back to full. Its been a couple of days since the incident and the sound has not gone away.

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@Jamie Thompson

After 25+ hours of playing later?
After regaining full health & blood?

It isn't actually common as far as we've seen so far in our combined over 1,000 hours of in-game time.

Obviously reload sounds of every gun you have play when you login... but a scream?

As well, anyone else that logs in near the player will hear the scream, even if the screaming player had been logged in for hours. So, it's more of a dis-advantage bug than the reloading on sounds on login which actually help to prevent things like server hopping.

No fking sht haha. if you get hit in the head it's going to hurt haha. well noises play all the time when loging in. ie reload. it's not uncomon

haha i do get the topic. my sense of humour. but yeah i think sounds will all be completely redone soon. hopefully this will get fixed. or WCS you have to die