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Since the new patch - I've lost my character multiple times. ;*(
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Prior to this last patch my character was rock solid. The first time I lost my character was on the Rocks next to the rail road tracks in between Kambiwovo and Solinichniya I by accident was walking on the ridge trying to get to my friend who just started playing he spawned in Berezino. So I put 1 FOOT on the rock and my whole character got stuck in the rock. I was pissed so I started jumping and running in place trying to un-stuck myself. I was eventually slingshot effect to my character and I supposedly fell to my death. Not a big deal I ran back to where I died recovered all my shit. But a bug none the less. After logging out (FULLY EQUIPPED again) I relogged back on later last night about 2 hours later. I logged into a 300 second spawn timer. When I spawned I was on the Coast naked. ?? This has _NEVER_ happened to me before with over 200+ hours of gameplay on the standalone. So I started collecting again. Later that night I was fully equipped again with everything except ENOUGH ammo. So I stopped playing in Story Nobor. I logged in the field. I then this morning logged into play again ONCE AGAIN only picked 1 server. Had to wait 300 secagain. Finally I got in. I was naked on the coast. I was so bullshit I was about to delete DayZ completely. I found in the documents directory a saved file of my character. I removed both save files of my last current character.


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After deleting my character files in my documents directory. I fired the game back up and I noticed my character screen was blank I ignored it and went into a server. NOW I picked a server and it loaded and my character was there. I played for atleast 45 minutes and left it at that.

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I would make a video of the whole process unfortunately I cannot upload enough here. So if you want me to provide the video of this Game Breaker bug I will gladly give you proof and a video to go with it (I shadow play my logins to try to help you fix your game). You've got my email if you want the video I will supply it.

Prior to this last patch 2/7/2014 I had absolutely no issues with my character on ANY server. And I play with a couple different groups of friends and I server hop quite a bit to get to them - never an issue. I dont mind waiting the 300 seconds as long as I can continue where I left off. I never log out near a zombie infested town its always in a secure location far out of the zombie spawn s. I have never had to wait to LOG OUT so could my game be bugged? I have heard of people waiting to log out but I have not seen it yet on my client.

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200 hours without a character loss is pretty good going. I've ended up on the beach a few times during 80 hours.

There's a big character save loss thread at #78 which might be worth checking out.

Firstly, I lost my character so often due to stupid bugs, glitches and when changing the server, it was allmost twice a day. I got used to it and it's no fun anyways when you're geared up.

And secondly, don't accustom yourself with your character. The game is still in development and the character database will be reset from time to time. You can do noting than dealing with it.


Having the same exact problem here too.
Guy shot my friend and now he hasn't been able to respawn and stay alive in between servers. He spawned as a female, then we left the server and he spawned again in the ocean. Now he can't even join any servers.

I broke my legs (thanks to being glitched off a ladder) and now I'm unable to join any servers.