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blur effects after zombie attack
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I was attacked by a zombie and I walked
around him while hitting the zombie with my

after this, my scream/vision became blured.

to fix the problem:
press the "ESC" key.
go to the video settings,
and the blur effects will
be automatically removed. {F30210} {F30211} {F30212} {F30213}


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attack a zombie with a fireaxe.
fight with him.
sometimes the vision gets blured.

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This is an effect caused by low health.

The actual bug is being able to disable it just by going into the video settings.

This blur effect appears anything but connect from a few days ago. With zombie attack too, but I must always go to config video to play.

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Yes Similar to my report 0009347, except mine is every time not sometime. It also happens when I sneak up behind a zombie and kill it without the zombie having a chance to turn and attack. I have checked my health, and actually figured that was the issue at first, but health is good. Played over 6 hours like this before hearing about going into the Video Config to clear it. It's not a big deal just an annoyance.

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This has been reported previously - make sure to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0000102: Blurred vision workaround

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, and add any extra information in the notes section.