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Berry bushes
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I'm playing DayZ on a normal laptop, nothing special, so I've got to put the environment (and all other) detail on low to very low. Now, the game still looks good and runs quite smoothly, so well done on that!
There is just one slight problem. It is impossible to recognize Berry bushes!
I'm just wandering from bush to bush pressing "F" very time in the hope my character starts searching.
So far I have found several bushes where he will search (about 2/20 times) but I haven't found anything yet.
But, the problem is: I can't see the difference between a berry bush and a regular bush with the low detail.

Quick thought I had while scaveging the countryside:

  • I saw Apple Trees! Why not make it also possible to pick apples?
  • I saw woodpiles. Maybe make it possible to withdraw (always) a few logs from the pile for a woodfire?


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even on the lowest details you should be able to identify berry bushes, once you know how they look like.

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I think berry should be more visible on the bushes,
the current texture configuration is badly designed.

In Addition tpo your suggestion regarding apple trees:

Many buildings have Pumpkings in the backyard. Those should at least be cookable... ;)