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Game freezes upon successful loading onto server
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Since the Hotfix on Feb 7th, I haven't been able to play at all. Generally, I cannot even load into the game, but I can via "Join game" from the "little gray" arrow from a friend in Steam Chat (a PM message.)

Once I load into the game, I can see through the building as the Map loads, and I can see the majority of my Hot-bar items (1-9) load. Then the game freezes and I only hear the environment; wind rain.

I cannot hit "esc" to get to the main menu, I have to CTRL+ALT+DEL to get out, and the Task Manager says that the game is "Not Responding," and thusly I have to End Task.

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Prior to the Friday-Hotfix, which would be just after the Feb 5th update (late Wednesday early Thursday) I was able to resume playing once again, cause prior to the Feb 5th update I couldn't play hardly at all. I COULD log into servers and run around, but I couldn't interact with the environment; though, I could get Action Icons for opening doors, which they wouldn't open unless I used the Action Key, leave the server and then rejoin to find the door open. My Ping, Bandwidth and Desync were always at 0, as well as every other player on that server; or any server I was on. Friends reported my Desync above 32,000+

I WAS able to play on the Experimental Servers though during the times of "no environment interaction/Ping 0,Bandwidth 0, Desync 0.


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