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Glitching through floors, handrails, staircases, unopenable doors
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Very often, I've found myself in "void" areas because of glitching through a unpassable object.

This seems to happen more often while running inside buildings.

Buildings it's happened in:
Large Elektro building opposite fire station, from 3rd floor to under stairwell.

The Military building in Chapaevsk - Teleported through the floor and landed a considerable distance from the building (and died)

Occasionally these void zones can be escaped by exiting and reentering server (thought the 5 minute login timer can cause this to be a problem - as it sometimes requires several relogs)


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Run about buildings like a madman.

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The death causing ones are much more annoying, vertical falling seems to cause serious horizontal shifts leading to death in certain buidings (military building, and the radar house at airfields I've noticed.)

The other's were mostly trivial until the 5 minute relog timer (perhaps remove this for same server logins?)

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I have had similar problems to this with partially constructed buildings. I can cross through the diagonal I-beams and then I fall to my death.