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Zombies are alerted / attack when you zoom in on them.
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When i zoom in on zombies at a distance, medium and even long distance they are alerted to my position and come running.

I have recreated this many times, 6/10 times, mostly in towns, city's and docks/harbor areas.
i have tried it in urban / country side areas and fields a bit and not noticed it there yet.

i have even managed to lure a zombie from very far away, one time only, it was far away that you couldn't see it with out zooming in.
Don't know if bug works on short or very close range.
it can lure / alert more than one zombie at the same time, it worked for 3 zombies one time that were near each other.

seams like a high chance for bug to work if you move around side to side.
Bug has worked while standing and crouching (did not try while prone)
I haven't tried it or made it work on any zombies facing away from me, maybe bug works for zombie facing away.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Find zombie's at medium to long range
(hard to make it work on very long range zombie, only worked once for me.)

-Preferably facing in your direction
(i have not noticed it on zombie with their back turned)

  • press right click mouse to zoom in
  • zoom in fully OR Half Zoom to near full and let go.
  • (Optional) Move/strafe left and right while holding / pressing zoom button.
  • Zombie will look at you and search for you.
  • some Zombies run to you straight away others look around left and right then run to you shortly.
Additional Information

The bug has been hard to recreate sometimes, other times it works 3 - 4 times in a row. it has also worked on multiple zombies.

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I've noticed the very same; sometimes they aggro from "a mile" away when zooming into them and sometimes zed just don't seem to care about you at all. They just stand their back turned to u and don't do squat even if u go within 2 meters from them.

I was chased by 3 zeds and they seemed to lose interest after a short sprint. When I stopped to make sure I noticed that they all, 1 by 1, started to run towards me again. The distance was probably around 200 - 300 meters.

Is there a guide on how to report and what not? Cause I guess I could report this issue (zed not reacting at all) but Iäve said it here now and the so called search engine for this "forum" is totally useless...

i know what your saying, i have run upto some front on, face to face and given em an axe in the head and they dont know what happened other times they aggro from miles away just for looking at them funny lol.

Click the link at the top that says "report issue" its pretty easy but do try to search to see if someone has already posted, if so then just hit vote.

HEZUS added a comment.Feb 17 2014, 1:35 PM

Yes I know how to report but as I stated the search engine is a bit...umm...not too good to put it nicely. I put up a "bug" report about it ( I would've searched for other reports about it but...well... :/ )