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Please NO cars for DayZ !
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I just read that there are cars in DayZ maybe this summer.

In my opinion, cars destroy this game. It's not DayZ with cars. I saw a video with the DayZ Mod and Cars and I have to say, it's HORRIBLE. It's like a game from 1999 or so.

It's a zombie game and when there are cars, everyone want to have one. It's the same with helicopters or airplanes, THIS IS NOT DAYZ!

Please DO NOT add cars or things like this. It's a very good game with a good future.. without cars.


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Not a bug, you don't just get given one anyway you have to work at it for a long time before the private hives came in the mod you were lucky if you can find a car, let alone find the thing required to fix it up. if you saw a video with the mod with cars it means that you've never played it, i suggest playing the mod on a public hive server and see if you can find one a repair one up before saying that this is not dayz, dayz is what you make of it in a post apocalyptic setting cars will be about and you would have to repair them and fix them up etc to get them going to say that it distracts from realism is a bit silly.

Please redirect your suggestion to the forums in the proper section.

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"so don't have too high expectations on the sophistication of DayZ".

I dont have too high expectations, but I am afraid to loose about 30 dollars when there is, sorry, shit in a game which is not authentic.

DayZ is zombie survival game demanding to be authentic ("realistic"). But a game should also be fun and this may sometimes be in conflict with authenticity.

In my eyes, cars are a part of fun and people who played the mod, like me, would not want to miss them, especially because they are very convenient considering the size of the map.

The car physics in DayZ Mod was not very authentic and sometimes seemed very artificial, I agree.

But Bohemia Interactive cannot be compared with Rockstar or Square, so don't have too high expectations on the sophistication of DayZ.

Finally, I consider cars a convenient and fun thing and wouldn't want to miss them, I respect your opinion on this topic, but I'm afraid I have to down vote this.


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I disagree. Cars, helicopters, etc. add a whole new dimension to the game - you have to work to find repair parts, get fuel, and get a vehicle running. Then you have to keep it - other players will try to take it. This requires hiding it when you log out. This leads us to base building and players working together to defend (or attack) bases.

Please do not juste vote down.. add also a note please!