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Server-wide micro lags
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Micro lags that freeze the hole game _at the same time_ for all players (about 300-800ms?!). Only one of four players didn't have that issue and experienced no lag at all.


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Can't reproduce it. It happened on many servers since friday!

  • On rainy and sunny servers
  • Since Friday Patch
  • Hardcore and regular Servers
  • Even on servers with under 5 players
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The video is played in realtime! No Editing. Connection was OK! No desync, low ping.

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I've had these issues as well. Though, I have an old 2.6 GHz AMD Athalon 64 X2 5000+ processor.

I have a very capable GPU and six gigs of ram as well. Win 7 64 bit OS

These micro lags happen every five to twenty minutes of play. They last about 3-5 seconds with a minor break in the stall and then stall again for 1 or 2 seconds until the game resumes.

During these periods I also clip through walls though luckily I take no fall damage.

Fixed for me since wednesday patch

fixed since last patch