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Not able to respawn after death.
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I was shot into the Legs by some random Guy at the beach. I could not walk anymore, but already stopped the bleeding. So there was no way for me to restart. I just figured: "maybe the water can kill me" and started rolling into it.
After about 30 to 45 seconds it says: "You are dead." But doesnt let me restart.

If I log off the server there is no Character visible in the Main Menu.
When I log in into a server again, it lets me spawn right on the beach again, not able to walk.

I know, I just could wait until I get unconscious because of Water or Food level, and then log out. But that could take a while!


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Get shot in the legs near any water.
2: Stop the bleeding with bandages.
3: Roll or Crouch into the water.
4: Die.
5: Be not able to respawn properly.

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