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Duplicating of B95 when logging out and back in
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I tried logging out with an sks on my back and a B95 in my hands. When I logged back in there was 2 B95's on the ground beside me, and the sks was stil on my back.


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I tried to do the same thing on purpose to see if it would happen again. This time I noticed there was 1 on the ground and 1 at the bottom of my inventory wich i could just drag back to hands.

My interpetation of what's happening is that when I logg out and get ut into lotus position(anti-combatlogger) the original rifle gets put on the ground, but a duplicate of it remains to be dragged back to hands.

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Hope this helps, keep up the good work ! :D

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Duplicate of another issue

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Make sure to search before opening new issues. This has been acknowledged, and the original report can be found at #8153. Please close this issue as duplicate.