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Character had trouble loading and was reset
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I logged on to DayZ today for the first time in about 3 days. I last logged of while in Dubky on top of one of the apartment buildings. I was joining a server when I got the error message "We had trouble loading your character and it had been reset. I system administrator has been notified. [something else I can't remember]. I was then returned to the Server Listing page. I logged back onto the same server and was a new spawn character. I logged off and tried another server and same thing. I know it's Alpha and I'm somewhat used to losing all my stuff, but would like to know what happened, how to prevent it, and hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. What are the chances I can get my character back? I gotta ask :-)


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It's very unlikely that you will get your character back.

This has already been reported at #3639. Please close this issue as duplicate.