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Cheater abusing the game and destory our experiences about the game
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I am a Dayz die hard fans , i love all about dayz, even its just alpha. Today i encounter some very serious problem with dayz that needs to be address urgently!
Cheats its been a long time issue since dayz has come out. I am witnees of those software tring to destory the game and gain huge profit out of it. The impact to those who love DayZ are growing storng every second. I am also a victim of those hacks and cheats. At this poin i have finally come to decision, to expose those who hide in the shadow... {F30156} {F30157} {F30158} {F30159} {F30160} {F30161} {F30162} {F30163} {F30164} {F30165} {F30166}


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All information from its a chinese ebay website. If action were not taken in time, it will be too late...

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Cheats will always be around here and there the more popular a game is the more they will find there way around, the game is in early development and anti cheat measures are still being sorted and exploits being fixed

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the developers should ban all cheaters, or fix all
abilities to be able to cheat.

every dayz player, who needs cheats for playing
the game is not a real player for me.

i dont think its a good idea the advertising here..

This looks more like an advertisement for "cheats" than a bug report...

You can find many people who use hacks and cheats in the host of asia