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Stuck in a non enterable room
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I logged off in the school building one day, when I came back on the next this happened.


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With the new log out timer, this may not work any more, but give it a go:

Walk over to a wall leading outside, stand right against it and vault. Exit the server during the animation and log back in, and you should be on the other side.

Video tutorial:

If you try this, please tell me if it still works :)

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I confirm this bug, when you first spawn in any house.
if the textures aren't loaded you will see no walls.

Duplicate of #0000101

Please close duplicate reports and comment/vote up the original in order to make it easier for the devs.

Also, before reporting, please use the search function to check if the issue has already been reported.

We all profit from that. :-)


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We are aware of this issue, please refer to: #101 for further informations and development.

Thank you for your feedback.