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Server Favorites and Server History disappeared
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So since the new Stable Branch 34.115106 update have i no more server in my Favorites and no Show of last Server joins

Filter option have i use nothing fixed

And new Server with add to favorites dont show in Favorites list

Completly List are empty


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Same for me. Favorites and Recently Visited lists get wiped out each time I start the game. Sometimes a few servers remain there but not for long.

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This shit is still happening since 0.51
Got some old favorites and the char showing up in the gui is the one before the current one.

Even the friends tab isn't showing up the server where my friends play on. Have to connect through steam on them.

fucking annoying.

This just happened to me as well. History tab does not function (always empty even when I've joined a server recently) and my favorites list was wiped. I can still add new favorites to it though.