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Join server unconscious, after respawn "You are dead" message is displayed. POST-PATCH 2-07-14
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After the quick fix that was released today at 12 GMT, I attempted to start playing again as I had previously been a victim of the "you are dead" message after dying. The update says it fixed this problem, so I tried to start playing again. After my first log in, I simply received a "please wait" message. So I waited. After 20 minutes I tried leaving the server and joining again. This time, however, it said I was unconscious. I hit respawn and now I am back to where I started, with the ever-present "you are dead" message.

EDIT: I realize that there was a previous post about this, but that was concerning the previous version of the game. I wasn't sure whether to comment on that post, or make a new topic as it is a new version of the game. I will post my info onto that report. {F30134} {F30135} {F30136} {F30137} {F30138} {F30139} {F30140} {F30141}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Log in to a server after having died (possibly only before the patch)
  2. Attempt to respawn
Additional Information

This process repeats in it's entirety each time I restart Dayz.
This is AFTER THE QUICKFIX that was released on Friday, February 7th at 12pm GMT. That fix was released early with the sole purpose of fixing this problem, and I have not been able to play yet.

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duplicate of another issue

Same issue here. Just bought the game so this is as far as I have made it.

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I confirm this bug ;)

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Original report here: #8067

What is the point of playing if you know that no matter what happens, you'll die? You might as well be a essay writers. I'm going to join server unconscious and after respawn "You are dead" message is displayed. See how long I can last before getting killed by zombies or other players!