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Remove login timer when logging back in to same server
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Whenever I try to re-login to a server to try solve connection issues I have to wait 5 minutes until I am allowed back in. I understand this fix was put in to stop server swapping but why does this occur when trying to log back in to the exact same server?


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Join a server
  • Exit server
  • Try join same server

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Closed due to not being a bug, the timer is there to stop ghosting around in combat situations, combat logging. some desync is to be expected when first joining a server

Against combat loggers we have a log out timer... isnt it that way?

It is a pain when that happens used to suffer with that alot the build before the one you are playing on, this bug has the issue #0006147 but mine seems to have stopped it with the 144926 stable build,

I try joining servers with the lowest ping on, could give that a try and see if that helps you :)

yeah I understand that, and to counter it I even stand dead still and let it load. But after 15 minutes I still cannot open doors, vault, put my weapon in my hands, eat, drink or do any inventory management. Only when I reconnect does it sometimes fix this state

and another note: my internet connection is 100% fine. speedtest shows everything is normal and other online games work 100% correctly no lag

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desynch after joining is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL. you are synching to the server's changes, closed/opened doors, items dropped/taken/consumed etc.

Ah ok that makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply. My main frustration over this was caused by the 1000000 desync issue that a lot of people have reported so I try to reconnect to fix the problem. The log out then back in issue wont be a problem now though because of the 30 second logout timer, but I understand your logic

Thanks for the explanation though

It is a pain to have to wait five minutes but I think this happens to you because you left the server to quick once joining it and it is in place because you get people that used to log out when they see someone or have an encounter with them, then they would log in to the same server and more than likely be at a advantage because the people they encountered had carried on so they are unaware of person behind