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Content of other First Aid Kit in inventory not checkable
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If you have 2 (or more probably) First Aid Kits in your inventory and you'd like to check the content of both, without having to drop one of them it's not possible. If you take the first one in your hands you can check the contents, but if you then swap the medikit (or attempt to, since it didn't actually swap it in your hands but only switched places in the inventory), you then still see the contents of the first kit instead of the contents of the second kit. The only temporary workaround seems to be either to not have a first aid kit in your hands when you want to check the contents of the other one (so either put the one in your hands back into the inventory or take something different into your hands) or to drop one and then carry on checking. (Which is dangerous though since it might disappear. I dropped one around another one in the vicinity and it apparently never turned up again.)


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  • Get two first aid kits with different contents
  • Take one into your hands
  • Try to swap it to see the contents of the other one.

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A version of this issue talking about canteens has been reported already at #717

Yes it appears so, but it makes first aid kits hard to use. And normally you can swap everything in your hands, so why not two first aid kits? (talking from a user experience perspective) Also I suppose this behaviour is the same for any container as well (like that yellow protector case), where it might be problematic as well.

The engine is designed that it takes the <b><i>first</i></b> one of a kind in your inventory.

<b><i>First</i></b> means, the upper or more left one in your inventory. For instance, if you've got 2 water bottles, one in your pants and one in your backpack, you automatically take that one in your pants when going via action bar, because in your inventory, the pants are <i>above</i> the backpack.

Don't know if that applies to drag-drop as well, though.


For me it doesn't matter. Dragging it to the hotbar, equipping it and then checking in the inventory returns the same result. It appears a First Aid Kit is treated the same as e.g. a can. There it doesn't really matter which one you drink first if you have two.

i can confirm that! ..
(happens when dragging the item into my Hands manually)

R834 added a comment.Feb 7 2014, 8:49 AM

Is this happening when using the hot bar, or when dragging items into your hands manually?