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114926 notes: epi pen does not have an effect on people below 500 blood, patchnotes claim otherwise
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  • Actions: reviving with epinephrine or defibrillator works also if player blood is below 500 units of blood

As far as I know you are unconscious 1) below 500 blood or 2) if shock > blood.

Epi pens and defibs only set your shock to 0 so they should not be able to affect unconsciousness from blood loss. The patch notes claim that has changed. In an attempt to figure out what you changed I did an experiment. But the result was: epi pens still don't help against this kind of unconsciousness.

See "Steps To Reproduce" what I did to test this.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • start bleeding in a controlled situation
  • wait several minutes to drop unconscious from blood loss (500 unless you changed it)
  • have somebody bandaged you to stop the blood loss
  • have somebody use an epi-pen
  • you do not come back to consciousness

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I think that epi pen just reduce Your shock to 0 so if You are under 500 blood it wont wake You up unless someone will get You blood/salie bag or You have healthy effec on You. It will work only if You are above 500 blood and You are unconscious because Your shock is higher then blood lvl.

I can be wrong tho :)

Patchnotes say that it was changed so that it wakes up people below 500 blood aswell. Having a tool against shockdamage is kind of ridicolous, dont you think?