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[SOLVED] Graphic issue: "frozen" grass
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Got this in my area (see pic). After about 150 meters everything is looking normal, so this bug is "walking" with me and also existent in the main menu.
Restarted several times, also different servers, no change.

EDIT: After the patch the bug is inverted, now grass is looking normal but trees etc. are "frozen" (picture 4).
{F30098} {F30099} {F30100} {F30101} {F30102}


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checked steam files, reduced resolution, seems to work now. Thank you

First I would check the steam files of the game.
then turn the grafic mode to "normal" and
default settings. and restart the game.
login to another server.
in the game you have to eat and drink a lot
to fill increase your blood regeneration,
if you where hit by a zombie or a weapon.