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Pik Kozlova? More like Catapult Mountain.
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The Mountain to the West of Elektro named "Pik Kozlova", the one with the gray texture and the large spire rocks on the side, catapults you off when walking down. A friend and I walked to the very top and found it hilarious how we were walking up an almost undefined slope. On our way back down, however, it was not so funny. The friend went down first, as he was walking he began to slide. He then hit a rock and was surprised when he took no damage. He then attempted to get off of the rock and continue down the mt. In doing so, he was catapulted off the mt. He flew all the way down onto the railroad tracks and lived, unscathed. I then tried to get down an alternate way, and didn't even hit a rock, but was still launched off the mountain.


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Walk up Mountain,
Feel like a badass,
Try go back down the mountain towards the coast.

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It's scary as Hell, please fix. I think it would be fixed if the sides of the mountain didn't go straight up..

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I can confirm this, I was running at Dobryy, while i was going down my character was catapulted from the ground and after like 20 meters hit the floor. "You are dead"

Please vote up, is a big issue.

PD: You and your friend survived cause there was a bug preventing players to take fall damage.