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you are dead
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I died yesterday and logged off before respawning. now, regardless of which server I log in to the respawn button is disabled. This bug is preventing me from playing the game on servers with similar rule-sets. {F30071} {F30072}


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Log in to other server. The first message I see when I come in is "you are dead"

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This is a duplicate.

Please refer to the original report at #0008067: Can't respawn -- "you are dead" on joining any server


This is a duplicate. Check here Can someoone please edit this to like high priority, and highly severe? cause it is

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This appears to be a duplicate of 8076:

Let's close this report and move discussion to the primary.

I removed my profile but am still dead and unable to respawn. I've uploaded a screenshot of my screen after gamma boosting it. It appears that I am in a standing position, newly spawned (though I don't recognized the location), yet my screen still says "You Are Dead" and the 'respawn' button is disabled. Not sure how to work around this one!

I too am stuck at the "You Are Dead" screen with the respawn button grayed out. This happened on the server. Earlier today I was shot and fell unconscious. I waited about 20 minutes while unconscious and then logged. Logged back in on the same server and I'm stuck -- dead but unable to respawn. Looking for a fix.

had the same, deleted my dayZ-profile files in documents-folder. Then it worked again

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I can confirm that is an issue for the entire group of friends that I play with, including myself. After dying, you can only respawn into the game already DEAD. The only work around is to delete your DayZ profile.

This should be given top priority, please.

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Exact same problem here. I played a total of 20 min of this game since I bought it... I can not respawn whatsoever...

Edit: After many many many.... many server retry it worked.

This is happening for me as well. I really hope something's done about it soon.