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Weapon and Item Duplication: 2 ways to do it
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I am writing this in private, but it seems the community knows. Already killed a merry group of 4 that duped the roof of Elektro hospital full of things.

I found 2 ways of duplicating.

  1. When carrying 2 main weapons (M4, SKS for example), the weapon in your arms is going to produce a copy of itself when you disconnect, and that copy will remain on the server.
  1. Whatever you drop on the ground 10 seconds before you disconnect, will still remain in your inventory. And on the server.

The issue is extremely gamebreaking, and we're days away from everybody and their grandma having TTSKO gear and fully decked out Mosin with LR scope.


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Steps To Reproduce

For 1:
I: have a weapon on back and weapon in hands
II: disconnect
III: reconnect back, you will have both your guns, plus a new one on the floor, with all attachments/ammo

For 2:
I: quickly drop items on the floor (example: backpack, jacket...)
II: disconnect within 10 seconds of doing that
III: reconnect back, you will have the gear on you, and exact duplicates on the floor.

Additional Information

The group of 4 was active on SE1 Hardcore Server during the afternoon of 04 Feb. When we finally smoked them out, they had a MOUNTAIN of equipment on the hospital roof, everything in pristine condition.

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This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Refer to #8153 for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.