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DayZ.exe froze. CTRL+Del to close and rejoining server = New spawn on the beach.
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From a stream moments ago..

Language is Danish. Don't mind the jibberish..
Thing is:

Friend got shot
Wanted to find his killer so rushed an open field to get closer to his location.
I had a friend following me right behind who got the same error.
DayZ.exe has made an illegal action, and has shutdown.

After rejoining, I became a new spawn..
Ran back to the exact same place seconds later and game crashed exactly the same.
Repawned at the beach again..


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Run to the location in Electro shown in the Video on Twitch!

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happened to me 2 patches ago. Was serverhopping at Rify,game crashed when joining. when I got to a server character was lost and got error message
"Error your character was unable to load and has been reset"

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This happened to me and a friend last night as well. We were at the military base NW of Cherno ( with the hospital and 3 or 4 barracks ) going through a barrack. My friends' game crashed with dayz.exe is not responding. At the moment he logged back in, I got that error and my game crashed. I logged back in, and within a few seconds, my game crashed again. Ofcourse, with the new ghosting/serverhopping mechanics in place, I could not log in for 240 seconds....

Updated with the twitch video! Sorry!

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Also reported the same issue today as its re spawned me by doing the same thing. Hope we get a response