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Fence ports/doors are too difficult to handle and should be fixed
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It is a great annoyance to me that the ports/doors complementing the fences are too unpredictable when approached and thus often difficult to open.

The functioning of the door, specifically how to actually open such a fence port/door, is not intuitive, because you can be in front of a such a port/door and you will not get the option to open it, unless you move around a bit.

This awkward handling of such doors is a general issue with all fence ports/doors I believe.

Such doors shouldn't be difficult to open, not even once.

I would assume that 100% of any door's geometry ought to be suitable for activating the open door animation, or at least the entire half side opposite of the door's hinges.


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I agree with this one hundred thousand percent. I've spent more time trying to figure out how to open doors in alpha than I have killing zombies. I love the game but for god sake trying to open a door should not be one of the most complicated tasks.