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dead bodies still stand up and move the head
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That happened just once to me. I had to shoot again several times to a dead player so his body will go down. I found many dead players ,standing up and turning their head .They were 100% dead. Another guy was crouching dead. Couldn't even loot him. Had to shoot him again with my lz shotgun so the body would drop and i would be able to loot him {F30059}


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Kill someone and wait to see if his body will drop?

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This usually happens when an unconscious player exits the server and goes back to main menu before being killed.
The body doesn't even disappear or drop when that player re-enters the server. The upright body seems to stay until server restart.

I was able to reproduce this 100% of the time before the 2 patches last week, after the patches I tried it again but I couldn't make it to my corpse in time before restart.

I have come across this quite a few times on last build, mostly when I am the one killed or unconscious as I have had people run up and ask if I'm friendly and have conversations with me lol.

Also have bandaged a bambi up that was bleeding alot then realized they were dead or unconscious as I can loot them.

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Happened to me too.. Found dead guy in Berezino, standing near building. He was bleeding but he was 100% dead because i could loot him.. Got M4 from him..

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I confirm this