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0.33.114926 - Many problems
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I just respawned on a server which I was playing on last night. It was fine before the new patch. However I respawned outside of "Kamyshovo" then I started to run towards to "Elektrozavodsk". While running, my character kept on saying "I am Hungry" I did feed him, as I had plenty of food and drink on me. Then 5 minutes later I died for unknown reasons. My screen was just black, there was no "You are Dead" or no "You are unconscious". So I thought Ok, I spawned by using the menu, I waited at least 30 seconds I did not respawned at all. I tryed the menu option to respawned, again the same thing happen. I am now unable to respawne at all and can not play.

0.33.114926 - Problems

  • Died for unknown reason (With no message at least)
  • Problems with the respwan loading/timer

I think the respawn timer is to long. I think it should be at least 15 seconds.


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Run from, Kamyshovo along the cost.

Make sure you have at least 5 cans of food and drink while running to Elektrozavodsk. I seemed to of died on the cost, not sure if it was due to the environment or due to the new hunger system in place.

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Respawning issue reported here: #8067

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I believe they acknowledge this bug with respawning on twitter today.

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Well to me this is clear and what I did in game to get the problem/bug.

Please do not bundle issues. Make a separate report for each individual issue. Firstly, this makes it easier to find out if something has already been reported - and secondly, it makes it easier for devs and reviewers to sort something out as "solved" or "duplicate" or something.

Also, please don't place vague or general texts into the summary. Make it straight and clear, so everyone reading it knows what's the issue.


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Please submit only one bug per report, and make sure to use the search to see if it has already been reported.