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Weapon duplication
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When you logout with a gun on your back and on in your hands (mosin on my back and m4 in my hands for me), you sit and drop the gun. But if you reconnect, you have the 2 guns on you and the dropped gun is still there. (M4 in my hands and M4 on the floor with same attachment).
It's an easy way to duplicate weapon.

Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.


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This work on ALL items what you can take in hands!! Take full ammo box, relogin and you got 2 of them :D

can confirm, had a few friends try it as well, 100% success rate

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Also confirmed.

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Confirmed, 3 people tried it with 100% success rate. This should be hotfixed really fast before people flood servers with weapons.

Indeed. Encountered the same bug. This is going to be heavily abused, please prioritize.

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Confirming, happened to us.