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Able to use Ruined Scope on Mosin
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First of all, I did look for this issue before, this one is different from the ones I researched.

If you take a Ruined Long Range Scope and try to place it into an empty slot on the Mosin, it does NOT work.

However, if you have a PU Scope attached already and simply replace it with the LR, it works and the scope itself appears to be in a pristine condition upon use. The text however still says ruined.

As of this posting with the latest Stable build, this is confirmed to be working 100%


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Steps To Reproduce

Get Mosin
Attempt to place Ruined LR scope onto Mosin
Attach PU Scope to Mosin
Drag LR scope over PU to swap
Zoom in with your "new" scope

Additional Information

Again, only works when replacing and existing scope on the rifle.

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