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Pushing back during the movement/ Don't open any doors
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firstly, i have played experimental test version (beta in Steam) had no problems, but ping was near 200 (!!!). Then i saw something new - stripped bleeding bodies of killed players made a crowd not far from respawn (they stand).

I rejected beta version and now i am playing version 0.32.114557. Average ping - 100-120. And I really can't move. When I start moving forward, 1 or 2 minutes left, I am pushed back to 100-300 meters. Then, when i reached any villages - I can't open the door. I see the logo of the opening doors (sometimes doors is closed, but logo to close). Very rare door opened in 2-3 mitutes after clash button "F".

I realize it possible can be caused by my high ping, but on the servers with higher ping i didn't see such problems.

So, I want play comfortable in further. Please say me that it is usual bug and it won\t be an usual thing for my PC please


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Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn any server
  2. Move forward 2-3 minutes - pushig back to 100-300 meters
  1. go to any house
  2. try to open the door - no effect
  1. go to fancy
  2. try to jump above it - no effect

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yesterday all was ok! i thing it was servers' lags possibly

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