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Unexplainable death when standing on roof of power plant building in Elektro (and every where else the model is present)
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There is a factory type building outside Elektro at the power plant that will cause you to die if you climb up one of the side ladders to a lower section of roof on the side of the building.

This factory model type is located all over the map. The results are the same at every location. {F30040}


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This building is easily found at Elektro power plant. It is beside the smoke stack. There is a ladder that leads to a section of the building protruding from the side.

Take the ladder up to the top and crouch for about 10 seconds. I'm unsure if crouching is the determining factor here but in every instance where it happened to me I was crouching.
After about 10 seconds the screen goes black and you will be informed that you have died. There is no sound of any kind during your death.

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I've provided a jpeg of the exact location of the building to get on top of.

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This building can be found at the power plant outside Elektro as well as on the outskirts of Vybor.

I'm trying to travel there right now to record the bug in action.