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Always getting killed by players
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Everyone just kills on sight now and you die a lot


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I think zombies should be more of a threat (hordes of them or just make them hard to kill) and also have roaming boss type things that require more players, just have something that requires people to need to group with other players in order to survive or have more of an advantage. I think that will greatly reduce that amount of people killing on sight, and will also just be awesome.

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KoS will become less, with new additions to the game. Right now, killing other players is the only thing to do... There's no incentive to not kill other players, so if you dont want to get killed, I suggest you run straight inland from spawnpoint, and stay away from the major cities. I've survived with the character I'm playing now for 1,5 weeks, seen a few other people, they never saw me.. I have a mosin/scope, and could have easily taken them out. I only return fire. I've seen alot of the world so far, and only times I go into a miltary area, is when I need mosin ammo...