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Character disappeared and lose all the gears when changing to different server
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I lost my character during server changing when I was trying to find an ammo for Mosin. I was looting every item on every different server with the lowest population. I was trying to find a server that has 0/30. Couldn't find it, but I join a different server randomly to continue on searching until that server made my items disappeared. I checked my history server when did I joined before it disappeared, it wasn't there just 1 server instead of joining 10 different places.
I didn't check the IP nor the name. Is there anyway to get my lost gear, items, weapons, or mask back?


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so you server hopped (exploiting a vunrability for a unfair advantage) and you lost all your gear? Good lol.

Anyways are you sure you didn't join a hardcore server? They are on seperate hives so if it is the first time on a hardcore server you'll be a newspawn but your regular character is still ont he regular hive.

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Please refer to the primary character save loss thread at #78