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fresh body disappears when looting
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I just shot a guy, then I started looting his body while he was uncouscious. I moved my items into his backpack. Then I decided to kill him before he woke up. I shot him in the head. Then I continued moving items between the backpacks. This all took about 3-5 minutes from the fist hit. Then during the looting the body disappeared right in front of me and the backpack with all my stuff was gone. Im pretty shure I didnt click hide body.
The body shouldnt be disappearing by itself within such a short time methinks.
Also (but slightly offtopic) I think there shouldnt be an option to hide the body.
The bodies should stay and tell a story of what happended.


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see description

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Also, I couldnt move items out of the backpack to the ground while looting the body.
This all happend in the new most northern part coord 049-023

Also happened to me with the new patch 114926

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I've seen this too. I shot down a guy who just logged in right next to me. I guess he rage-quit, because the body disappeared about 30 seconds after I shot him down. I ruined this guy's day, but at least he confirmed another bug :P

Game version: 0.35.115188

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And again, yesterday. Shot the guy 5 times after he tried to kill me.
I have only once (out of 4 kills) that the body didn't disappear.

Guess next time im dropping my backpack on the ground first to then take his.

I just had it again. This time the body disappeared even quicker. Might have something to do with this
guess im back to playing stable

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yeaah, it's kind of annoying. i never shoot on sight, but if you shoot at me i'm going to do my best to take you down. it sucks when you get a dude taking pot shots at you, only to have his body disappear as you're rearranging your inventory to loot him. i deserve that loot, damn it!

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Yes this has happend to me 2x as well. but on version 0.32

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happened to me at svetlo, killed a guy, made sure he was dead gone, and after about 30 secs while i was checking the surrounding ( without even approaching the body ) to see if there was someone else, puf it disappeared.

It's like there is again that bug that the body disappears after 30 secs, when they logout or respawn