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While bleeding inventory is ruined from blood.
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I shot a guy in the chest near his heart , he died instantly, i looked his equip and EVRYTHING was ruined , cuz of the blood.
he was able to hit me 1 time with his revolver so i bleedet to , and evrything in my inventory was ruined too , so i died cuz i was not able to bandage myselfe.


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not a bug. you get your stuff bloody, it could ruin it.

i know , but that i dont mean. its ruined from the BLOOD 10000% sure. cuz i see its covered full in blood, all of the items.and not cuz of a shot to my knee , and then evrything in my back is ruined xD , also it looks different .

and as i lookt in my inventory all things get ruined after time while i bleeding .cloths are blood soaked.

R834 added a comment.Feb 2 2014, 12:38 PM

Items get ruined because of the damage from being shot