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Emptying boxes of ammo with partial stacks
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Twice on experimental build I've had a partial stack of ammo change to 0 quantity when emptying a full ammo box of the same ammo into my inventory. Once with SKS ammo, once with Magnum ammo. A stack of 4 turned to 0, and when combined with the new stack of 20 from the box stayed at 20 rounds. With SKS it was a stack of 19 rounds that turned to 0. Both times I had other full stacks of the same ammo that were not affected.


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Create a partial stack of ammo in inventory, then empty a full box of matching ammo in inventory.

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can confirm this with 7.62*51

Can confirm this is happening on current stable build, I have heard if you move the box to a different bag or to your pants or shirt or just someplace other than the bag where the partial stack is, then empty the box, it will be okay BUT I have not tried this myself.

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A more recent report has been marked as resolved. Closing as duplicate.