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FNX45 won't fit in holster unless i load a magnum in beforehand
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When trying to put a FNX45 in a chesthoslster, I encoutnered the issue that it would not want to go in the holster.
THen i tried putting a magnum in as a friend told me that his FNX and magnum fit in fine.
The magnum fit. After removing the magnum, the FNX fit too.
5 minutes later another friend had the exact same issue, while two others did not have it at all and could use their hoslter for the FNX straight away.

  • all items were pristine in my case. not sure a bout the rest of the players.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. pick up a chest holster
  2. pick up a FNX 45
  3. pick up a magnum
  4. try to put the FNX in the holster
  5. fail at putting the fnx in the holster multiple times
  6. put the magnum in the holster
  7. remove the magnum from the hilster
  8. put FNX in holster
  9. succed and win at life.

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works fine for me. however, i still can't fit a banana in a chest holster. kinda game breaking, imo.