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berry induced sickness partially functional
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after an hour of searching bushes finally found some berries, ate them immediately given no option to put them in backpack.

gained the 'i have a strange taste in my mouth' message, received several more messages similar to above, after a couple of minutes the 'sick' moodlet/message appeared in inventory. 3-5 minutes later the 'sick' message/moodlet disappeared with no ill effects.


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get food poisoning from berries
be confused when you enter spontaneous remission before any effects happen

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correction to the above, have since died from blood loss (not bleeding) and vomited a couple of times shortly before passing out

no 'sick' inventory message displayed adn no health status warnings/messages displayed bottom left to indicate illness, just gradual blood loss until unconciousness

have repeated the experiment

without the stuffed icon already in inventory moodlet thing, now get the 'sick' message, and have had bottom left corner messages stating i feel like vomiting in red, has vomited and is loosing colour from screen

i think already having the permanent stuffed message before gaining the food poisoning is screwing it up

partial confirmation:

Got "funny taste" and "I feel sick" messages
saw blood loss in saturation
did not get any [Sick] status effect in inventory screen, only blood loss.

Found some charcol tabs and resolved the blood loss with saline.

ate berries, got sick, no [Sick] message, made myself better.

Sounds similar to the effects of eating rotten food.